“As Mayor, I will push to have LADWP generate 100% of its power from clean energy sources by 2035.”

– Mike Feuer

The Challenge

Tackling climate change and building a greener future for L.A.

Climate change is the most pressing challenge the world faces over the coming decades, and while the problem is global, the consequences will be felt locally. L.A. already is facing higher temperatures, more smog, more frequent wildfires, disruptions to our water supply, power outages, and rising sea levels. Like all cities, L.A. also plays a role in contributing to climate change, through auto emissions, electricity production, and manufacturing. We have a profound interest in reducing our contributions to climate change, and a responsibility to do so. Under my leadership, we will build a greener L.A.

Los Angeles’ sunshine is world-famous. It is time the City ran on it.

Over a quarter of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for electricity production. The Mayor of Los Angeles has a powerful tool to reduce these emissions: the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). Supplying power to nearly every L.A. household, it is the biggest municipal utility in the country and is run by a board appointed by the City’s mayor. With solar and wind power costs dropping and new battery technology emerging, I will push to have LADWP generate 100% of its power from clean energy sources by 2035—by investing in clean energy across L.A.’s communities.

As Mayor, I will also work to identify opportunities for community solar projects, particularly for disadvantaged neighborhoods, providing a clean, cheap, and reliable source of power. I’ll expedite the local power grid modernization efforts already underway, with the aim of building the country’s most advanced “smart grid.” I’ll also work to increase the percentage of energy that LADWP gets from locally distributed energy, by creating or expanding financial incentives to develop locally-generated renewable energy, like rooftop solar and battery storage. Together, these initiatives will reduce power outages, allow us to use energy more efficiently, and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions—all while saving Angelenos money on their electricity bills in the long run.

“We have a profound interest in reducing our contributions to climate change, and a responsibility to do so.”

- Mike Feuer

Reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions

Cars and trucks account for a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the City. As Mayor, I will modernize and expand our public transit infrastructure, create more protected bike and scooter lanes, and invest in improved charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across L.A.

Clean & Green Los Angeles

Our land-use decisions need to reflect our commitment to sustainability. This means more “greening” of city-owned property – widely installing rooftop solar panels, reducing water use, capturing rainwater runoff, and using energy-efficient lighting and technology. It also means ensuring new construction projects support a greener L.A. by decreasing sprawl and long car commutes. As Mayor, I will promote development that brings housing closer to public transit. And, I’ll prioritize investing in green public spaces, including along the L.A. River. I will also extend and expand the City’s tree-planting program, which provides carbon-absorbing, shade-providing trees so that all of our residents – particularly lower-income communities – have access to green spaces.

Conserve Water and Source It Locally

My administration will focus on conserving our water and sourcing it locally. Currently, L.A. imports over 80% of its water. Importing water involves substantial energy use – by one estimate, nearly one-fifth of California’s electricity use comes from transporting, heating, and treating water. Reducing water use and sourcing more of it locally will cut wasteful electricity use, make our water supply more resilient to natural disasters, and make scarce water resources available to other states and cities. My administration will put us on track to source 75% of L.A.’s water locally by 2035 – ahead of current goals. I’ll also work to continue building infrastructure to increase local stormwater capture and institute programs to reduce per-capita water use.

“My administration will put us on track to source 75% of L.A.’s water locally by 2035 – ahead of current goals.”

- Mike Feuer

As Mayor, I’ll make Los Angeles an international leader in environmental protection.

I’ve long been a leader in making our City and state greener and more sustainable, winning awards from the state and local chapters of the Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters, the Planning and Conservation League, the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative, local water districts, and others.

In the California State Assembly, I authored what was the nation’s most comprehensive state legislation to protect the public from dangerous chemicals in products. I also wrote landmark urban water conservation legislation that mandated major reductions in per capita water use. And, I wrote California’s law authorizing Measure R to go to the ballot, generating more than $30 billion for public transit in L.A. County and thousands of jobs.

As City Attorney, I sued and successfully resolved a lawsuit against SoCalGas over the Aliso Canyon gas leak; brought cutting-edge environmental protections to an underserved community in a lawsuit against Allenco Oil; sued and obtained a restraining order against a scrap metal recycler that was the source of dangerous shards of metal that fell onto a South Los Angeles school next door; and played a key role in resolving the decades-long dispute with Owens Valley, a victory which saves vast quantities of water and protects air quality. On the City Council, I played a leading role in securing funds to create parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains, “greened” a portion of the L.A. River, and led City efforts to persuade the County’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to purchase natural gas-powered buses, among other successful measures.